We offer computer and Internet related workshops.  They are referenced by series and can include one class to multiple classes, dependent upon the level of information your family or business requires.   We also offer customized workshops. Series one is directed towards helping you configure your computer to be more of an enjoyable, productive tool and less of a painful experience.  We teach you some basics, help you become less prone to computer malware infections and assist you along the path of computer related productivity.   Within this series we cover the difference between computer related and internet related activities.
Series two focuses upon teaching one Internet savviness and Social Engineering.  The content runs the gamut from keeping your family safe on the Internet, thwarting Internet predators to keeping you from falling prey to Identity Theft or Scams.
Series three involves customizing the workshop to meet the needs of the business or family. 
If you are interested in personal, group, company, corporate workshops -  Please fill out our form or email us and we will contact you.
Series One:

How Computer Savvy are you?

Did you purchase your computer so you could receive email and surf the 'net?  Did you know that a computer alone does not give you access to the Internet? 

Do you know:  The difference between the right and left mouse click?  How and where to save files? Where to install programs?

What type of basic computer configuration leads to a more pleasant computer experience?  What is basic computer maintenance?

Are you Internet Savvy?

Do you know what malware is and how it can block your Internet access, slow down your computer, lock up your computer? Do you know:  How you get malware?  Which applications are spyware and which are not.  Which pop-ups are valid and which are not? What are  hoax email, chain letters and why is your friend complaining about all of the addresses showing in the email?Included are tips on avoiding, inhibiting and removing malware infestation, basic computer maintenance, hacker deterrents and more.
Series Two:

How Cyber Savvy are you?

Family Oriented

Social Engineering: Internet safety and common sense while using the Internet as a valuable resource.

Families: In covering the basics of becoming a knowledgeable, aware and Internet secure family, this workshop is focused on the family unit as a whole.

Parents: Helps the parents overcome self-doubt, provides information, tips and clues on creating a safe, secure and productive internet experience for the whole family.

Youth: Helps the youth become confident and savvy in their Internet experience by providing clues to unacceptable behaviour {gossip, cyber bullies, predators}, giving them access to helpful resources and tools, preparing malware free desktop and laptop computers, chatware dos/don'ts, private information sharing and more.

Business Oriented

Social Engineering:  How to protect your computer, information and identity from being compromised.

We define Identity Theft, Phishing/Pharming, Social Engineering , plus we give you tools and resources to protect your family and yourself from Predators and Scams.
Series Three:
Customized Workshops:  Streamlined to fit your company's needs.


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