We offer on-site training for businesses, home based business and home endusers.  We can accommodate individuals or groups.  The training is tailored to your needs.

The training includes the basics of computer use, navigation around the computer, Internet Security, safeguards against malware infestation, maintenance and backup regimes, and other basic or advanced topics.

The topics can be as basic as:
  • The difference between left/right mouse clicks
  • Saving files to the correct folders
  • Saving pictures
  • Emailing pictures
  • Best use of the 'My Documents' folder
  • Organizing your computer in order to maximize efficiency and to locate data
  • Installing programs
  • Navigating to the C:\ drive
  • Basic computer configuration
  • and more...
or the topics can be more advanced.
  • Defragmenting the harddrive
  • UPS - Power Surge Protectors/Battery backups
  • Maintaining a relatively spyware free environment
  • Safe surfing
  • Firewall implementation
  • Antivirus applications
  • Email - Netiquette, Hoaxes, Phishing
  • Social Engineering - Identification of and safeguards against
  • and more... tailored to your request

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