You think viruses, worms, blended threats and spam are bad? Spyware is worse...

Spyware is software - a program file, a browser helper object, or a dynamic link library, for example - installed on your computer, without your knowledge or permission. Sometimes called adware, nastyware, crapware, scumware, and worse, it's all aggravating, and intrusive. Dave Piscitello - Core Competence, Inc

Spyware is the catchy name for malicious software that hides on your computer and sends information about you, your PC, or your Web-surfing habits to someone else on the Internet. Spyware takes many forms. It can be a program that starts over whenever you restart your computer, Web "bugs" that invisibly track your clicks, or even code that takes over Internet Explorer (IE) and steers it someplace you didn't want to go.

Most often, malicious advertisers use spyware to gather information about what Web pages you visit and what you buy online. They use their findings to forcefully deliver ads to your computer that match your interests. Although this doesn't sound too nefarious, the ad-delivering spyware can clog up your computer, slowing it down or even crashing it. Plus, their diabolically persistent pop-up ads can drive the sanest user mad. Even the most polite spyware does not have your interests at heart. It's there to make money.

Spyware also takes more harmful forms. For instance, some spyware records your keystrokes. These malicious variants can learn your logins, passwords, and even your credit card information. The spyware creators swear that they won't exploit this private data. That's like someone sneaking into your house through a window, then when caught, promising, "I won't hurt anything, I just want to watch you." Creepy!

Whether you encounter the pesky ad-generating variety or the more stealthy, sinister variations, spyware is generally something you don't want.  Corey Nachreiner - WatchGuard Technologies

So, How can one protect oneself from getting Spyware or how can one remove it once one is infected? 
Answer:  As much as possible, avoid known Spyware heavy sites and Clean up after Surfing the net.

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