Spyware - Run LavaSoft's Adaware

Once the Temp, Temporary Internet Files and Recycle Bin are emptied it is time to run a spyware remover.  In this case, a popular and efficient freeware program: LavaSoft Adaware is recommended. 
Download and Install the program.
Click on the icon to see a larger image.
1. Launch Adaware.
2. Check for updates.
  a. A window will pop up.  Click Connect.
  b. Another smaller window will pop up indicating either i) an update to be downloaded or ii) no current updates available.
Click OK.
  c. When the download is completed, the first pop up window will display a 'Finish' button.
Click the 'Finish' button.
3. (This will be a one time event.  Notice the default setting.)

(Change the default setting to 'Use custom scanning options.')

Click next.

4. Once Adaware is actively searching for spyware, let it run undisturbed.  
5. When it has completed the search it notify you with a sound and a flashing bug.  Click 'Next.'
6. You will see a list of items (more than likely a longer list than is shown in the picture).
7. Place the mouse cursor in the top box of the column of boxes to the left of the descriptions of found items. Right Click and choose 'Select all objects' from the drop down menu.
8. A check mark will be placed in all of the boxes.  Click Next.
9. A window, which indicates the objects to be removed, will pop up. Click OK.  
10. This will bring you back to the original start page.  Click the Red X in the upper right hand corner.  This will close the window and exit the program.

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