Remote Desktop Connection with Multiple Computers

  RDC is available on WinXP Pro - not WinXP Home.
[Although WinXP Home does allow for remote assistance (which requires someone to be at the computer requesting help from a specific person).
(WinXP Home: Remote assistance is available through Windows Messenger or in "All Programs.")]

  --Set up a user account with a password for allowed users on each box.
--Enable RDC on each box.
--Firewalls/routers - Forward ports for the machines behind the router and/or in software firewalls.
--Multiple computers behind a router - edit registry for each computer and insert unique UDP/TCP ports.
--Reboot the computers that you have edited
--Connect using appropriate IP (Locally or across Internet).

  Enable RDC on each box:
Right click on “My Computer”
Select "Properties"
Click the remote tab.
Put a check in the “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer” box.

IF you just want it for the user account you are logged in with at the time then we’re done with this portion.
If you want to add other accounts to it then click the “Select remote users” button and add the users you wish to allow.
**Note: The accounts that are allowed access must have passwords associated with those accounts.
If you don’t use passwords then the accounts will not be able to connect.

  Forward ports:  If you have a router or firewall you will need to forward port UDP/TCP 3389 to that machine.  If you have multiple computers behind a router, and wish to RDC to the computers, you need to conduct the registry edit referenced below then associate the unique port number with the appropriate computer and forward the ports in the router.

  Edit Registry:  If you have more than one machine behind the router you can set up remote desktop on all of them.  You can achieve this by editing the registry and changing the port that RDC uses on each of the machines behind the router.
[ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>System>CurrentControlSet>Control>Terminal Server>WinStations>RDP-Tcp ]
Change the PortNumber for each one (Right click, Modify, change to decimal, change from 3389 to desired number).
1st box leave as is with the default 3389
2nd box has port 3390
3rd box has port 3391
(Be sure you have forwarded these ports in your firewall and/or router.)

  Reboot all of the machines after you have edited the registry.

  Connect:  To connect to one of your machines, go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Communications>Remote Desktop Connection.

  Locally (intranet):
In the box type in the IP to that machine.
If the IP is and you left the main box (Box1) as default
If you did the port renumber registry edits:

If you are doing this over the internet to your home and you have a router,
you  would put in your home IP address and the port number for the machine.
If Box1 is default, Box2 is 3390, and Box3 is 3391, etc.
To connect to your home system type in the IP address of your home system:
[Box1] (your home ip) {The port number is not required with the default configuration.}
[Box2] (your home ip):3390
[Box3] (your home ip):3391

  A suggestion:
If your IP is not static and is subject to change frequently -  use’s free dynamic ip service.
Point to your system.
To connect to your home system type in


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