Social Engineering
Are you Cyber Savvy?


How do we protect our family when they are on the Internet?


Social Engineering is a strategy utilized by predators when they prey upon the innocent and naive.  Predators are adept at conning [using Social Engineering techniques] people into thinking they [the predator] are a trustworthy being.  

What is Social Engineering? It is the art and science of getting people to comply with your wishes. It is accomplished without force, coercion or hypnosis and does not cause wild behaviourisms.  In respect to us and our families, it is when predators use our natural instinct to trust as they try to compromise our safety, security and well-being. 

In today’s era of Internet access and computers, it often feels like we are treading in uncertain waters. We think that, with our busy schedules, we do not have the time nor the aptitude to remain up to date.

We allow this uncertainty to inhibit securing the internet environment for our family, we allow ourselves and our children to interact in what would otherwise be considered socially unacceptable behaviour and we are unaware of the basic common sense foundational concepts that serve to inform the family as a whole.

Our computers are ravaged with malware and contain open invitations for those with less than honourable intentions.  This leaves the family open to Identity Theft, Predators, non-working computers, cyber bullies, hackers and more.

So, how does one become Cyber Savvy?  Workshops, informative websites, family communication, parent-teacher informationals, work within Parent Foundations to set up educational programs for families and youth of all ages.

Checklist for parents

Guidelines for parents


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