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Social Engineering is defined as “the art and science of getting people to comply to your wishes”, “an outside hacker’s use of psychological tricks on legitimate users of a computer system, in order to obtain information he needs to gain access to the system” or “getting needed information (for example, a password) from a person rather than breaking into a system”. It is the process with which others may gain access to areas, property and information without legitimate authorization.

Social engineering can be any and all of these things, relative to one's perspective and circumstances.  It is accomplished without force, coercion or hypnosis and does not cause wild behaviourisms. The common denominator everyone seems to agree upon is that Social Engineering is generally a person’s manipulation of the human being's natural tendency to trust.

Social engineers rely upon the fact that people are not aware of the value of the information they possess and are careless about protecting it.  Social engineers use the information to build a platform for accomplishing their task, whether that is stealing, hacking, gaining more information, predation or other equally invasive tactics.

You might know the Social Engineer by another term - con artist.

Identity theft, Phishing scams, Internet predators, white collar theft and to an increasing degree, hacking, depend upon social engineering.

Social Engineering techniques are utilized by predators when they prey upon the innocent and naive.

Family Safety and Security includes educated and informed parents as well as youth.

Identity Theft protection involves an informed and aware public.

Sign up for a workshop and peruse our site.  We have included information, tips, clues and more in addition to our workshops.

Please don't allow yourself or your family to succumb to Social Engineering.  Become educated and aware.

Become Cyber Savvy!!!

More information on Family Internet Safety and Security can be found on our Families site.  This site includes information for the whole family, yet contains areas specific to parents and specific to youth.

To become educated and aware of Internet Scam Artists,  please visit our Identity Theft Protection site.

[Note: Social Engineering has been an accepted practice in all aspects of our lives and is not necessarily evil. Who uses it ? Corporations (Sears, Microsoft, Sun, Wal-Mart, Chevy, Ford - to name a few) in their advertising campaigns, all Houses of  Worship,  Schools, Media, Governments throughout the world, and more.]



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