Folder Options

In order to view certain files or folders, the ability to see them must be enabled.  This is especially true for the Temp and Temporary Internet Files which must be manually emptied when one surfs the Internet.
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1. Right Click on the 'My Computer' icon.  Click on 'Open.'
2. Top line menu: Click on Tools - Folder Options.
3. Click on the View tab.  Place a check mark in items which indicate Display of an item. 
4. Check:  Show hidden files and folders.

Uncheck: Hide extensions for known file types.

Uncheck: Hide protected operating system files (recommended).

5. Check:  Show Control Panel in My Computer
6. This is the adjustment for the look of the folders, whether to use one mouse click or two to open an item, and to open items in separate windows as opposed to the same window.
7. File types is where you can access the applications files are associated with.  eg: .txt  opens with Notepad.exe  -- This area is important if you are unable to open certain files or if the files attempt to open in undesired applications.  During your initial setup - this is not an area to be concerned about unless you are experiencing the previously indicated issues.

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