Add NNTP Newsgroups to Outlook Express

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1. Launch Outlook Express, Left click: Tools, Accounts
2. Left click: Add, Newsgroups
3. Type in the Display Name - Click next. This is the name that will appear when you post to the newsgroups.
4. Type in the new Email Account - Click next. 
5. Type in the Server information.  The outgoing server will be the same as your ISP smtp (outgoing) server.  The incoming will be the account information your domain host gave you.  This will be a POP3 account.  Click next.
6. Type in the account information.  Account Name ( also referred to as: U/N [User Name] )  and P/W [Password].  Click next. 
7. Click Finish.
8. You will be presented with a window asking if you wish to download newsgroups from the new account you added. Click OK.
9. You will see a window appear with a list of newsgroups. Either click specific newsgroups or, if you wish to add all of them, highlight all of them and then press the subscribe button to the left of the list of newsgroups. Now, click OK and you will be set.  The Newsgroups will show to the left in the same column where the email folders appear.


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