Internet Etiquette

The term netiquette (Internet etiquette) is used in both business and person electronic communications and applies to a variety of media.  Electronic communications include email, various forums (nntp and web-based), Instant Messaging (IMs), Relay Channels (IRC), blogs, text messaging and more.  There are basic rules that apply to all of these and there are items that serve well in some areas and not other areas.

We have separated some of the rules per media and linked to pages that will provide more indepth information.
Email Netiquette - Business and Personal
Forum posting Netiquette
Instant Messaging
Text Messaging

Core rules for electronic communications:

 1) Use both upper and lower case when composing communications.
 2) Do not type with all capital letters, it is considered shouting and is rude.
     (ex: HOW ARE YOU DOING? = shouting at someone)

 3) Do not overuse the 'high priority' feature.
 4) Avoid the use of subject titles "URGENT, NEED HELP NOW, IMMEDIATE RESPONSE NEEDED, etc"
 5) Use emoticons and acronyms sparingly
 6) Do not discuss confidential information
 7) Proofread what you have written
 8) Read the person's comment fully before replying to it
 9) Be concise and to the point
10) Answer all questions, and pre-empt further questions
11) Refrain from heated, berating responses
12) Do not forward hoax and chain email


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