Digital Photography

Learn about organizing pictures, memory cards, and viewing specifications

One of the more confusing aspects of a digital camera is how to get the pictures from the camera to a computer and subsequently in a position so that you can share the photos with family and friends.

1. Create Picture folders that assist in streamlining the process of transfer, organizing and saving to permanent storage devices
2. Set up a process to save/burn pictures to a more permanent storage device
3. Install a device that expedites the transfer process from camera to computer (card reader)
4. Transfer the pictures from the memory card to the computer
5. Save the original pictures (Burn to CD - treat as you would the negatives for non-digital cameras)
6. Organize the original pictures such that the originals are not lost when the pictures are edited for viewing pleasure
7. Save the edited, organized and renamed pictures (Burn to CDs which are named/dated per topic)
8. Place pictures into areas that can be viewed by others (email, websites, slideshows, CDs, etc)

Card Readers
The easiest, fastest and most efficient method of transferring pictures from a digital camera memory card is to utilize a card reader. A card reader is an external device that typically plugs into a USB port and contains slots for Compact Flash Cards, Secure Digital Cards, and sometimes more depending on which you buy. more info...

Digital Camera Memory
When you are shopping for your first digital camera, it is wise to budget for additional memory cards as most cameras are sold with low capacity memory cards.  You can't have too much memory for your digital camera. Memory cards come with a limit on how much they can hold and although they are reusable, they can fill up rapidly. With the current trend towards higher Megapixel ratings increasing, the need for higher capacity memory cards increases.  more info...

Organize Pictures
How many times have you searched for the one photo that you wish to share and cannot locate it?  How about the time you went to look at the vacation pictures you took only to discover the memory card was damaged and you can not recover the pictures.  Then there was the time your camera software automatically downloaded the pictures somewhere on your computer hard drive where you have difficulty locating them and then, before you could save the pictures to a CD, the hard drive crashes. more info...

Picture Size, Resolution and Format for Online Viewing
Picture size, resolution and format requirements are quite different for online viewing compared to printed pictures. The size of a picture is part of what makes it so slow to load in email, on a website and in slideshows. The size is also why some pictures cannot be sent or received by some Internet service providers or email providers. more info...

Emailing your Pictures
One of the great features of using digital cameras is you can send the photos via email.  Many of us have either received email with pictures or have tried to send pictures via email. Sometimes the pictures do not send and are bounced back to us by our Internet Service Provider. Other times the email with pictures can be sent, but the pictures look huge and the recipient complains that the picture(s) are extremely large and unwieldy. more info...

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 to edit photos
When you use Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2.0 to resize the image there is more flexibility with what you can do with the picture. The photo editing applications have additional features that enhance the photos such as: you can remove red eye, lighten/darken pictures or do fun things like adding frames or comments to the photos. more info...

Special thanks to: Justin Harrison


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