Removing Zone ActiveX

1) Make sure that no zone windows are active
2) delete the following files in the MSN Gaming Zone folder
 (typically under C:\Program Files)

3) delete the following file:
HeartbeatCtl Class 
Open browser,
click on Tools, 
click on Internet Options,
click on Settings,
click on View Objects,
Right click the HeartbeatCtl Class file and remove it. 
If you see a row of numbers/letters and no HeartbeatCtl class file look for files which
show "damaged":
right click on the file with the numbers/letters
click properties - the CodeBase should show the following entry: -  

if it does show as damaged or as a row of numbers, you will need to remove it
Right click and remove that file *IF* it shows the above entry (
if it is not the damaged heartbeat do not delete it for what we are doing now.


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