Email - Add Message Rules

You have purchased a domain and wish to use email with that domain.  You have added the account to Outlook Express as per Add Domain email instructions  provided earlier.  Now you wish to route the email to specific folders within Outlook Express.
You will need to figure out how you wish to organize the accounts.  A suggestion is to create a folder under Local Folders, name that folder according to the account, setup subfolders that will hold the incoming email per topic. 
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1. Launch Outlook Express, Left click: Tools, Message Rules, Mail
2. Left click: Mail tab, New, 

Place cursor in the space under item 4. Name of the Rule. Type in the name for the Rule.
Click and make sure there is a check mark in the following areas:
1. Select the Conditions for your Rule:  Where To line contains people  (you can also add where the cc: line contains people)
2. Select the Actions for your Rule: Move it to the Specified Folder. 

4. 3. Rule description (click on an underlined value to edit it).  Click on Where To line contains people  and fill in the email address (addresses) you wish to route to the folder.  Click Add.  (You can add additional addresses.)  When all addresses are entered - click OK.  
5. 3. Rule description (click on an underlined value to edit it).  Click on Move it to the Specified Folder.  You can create the folder during this process by clicking on New Folder OR - If you pre-created the folder then you can scroll to that folder.  Either way - highlight (click on) the folder then click on OK. 
6. Once the above is completed it should look similar to the picture at the left.  Click OK to complete this action. 

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