Business Email Netiquette

The first question to ask is:  Do all parties know each other and do they mind that their email address will be exposed to each other?
  • Be concise and to the point - yet provide sufficient content to convey your message
  • Answer all questions, and pre-empt further questions
  • Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Leave the previous content so that the train of thought can be followed and points addressed
  • Complete the subject line and utilize relevant points - or it will wind up in the junk email.  It also gives the recipient a clue as to what the email is pertaining to.
  • If this is the first contact you have had with the recipient, indicate the purpose of the email and where you obtained their information (referred by, website URL, other)
  • Do not send attachments unless/until they are requested by the recipient.
  • If you utilize a company letterhead, be sure it is email friendly and not overladen with graphics and wasted space.
  • Use a formal consistent signature that is concise and to the point.  Include your name, company, telephone number, email address and website.  If you utilize letterhead - do not duplicate information contained in the letterhead
  • If multiple parties are included in an email thread, it is acceptable and preferred to show all parties in the To: or CC: section.  This minimizes duplication and informs everyone of who is included within the circle of information.  If someone is inadvertently omitted, it is easier to remedy.
  • Use "reply all" if you wish all parties to receive your comments or "reply" if you want only the originator to receive your comments.
  • Do not abuse the "reply all" feature.  If your reply does not affect all within the email thread, then do not use the reply all feature.
  • Do not send spam email to business associates.
  • Before receiving personal email at a place of employment - make sure it is allowed within the company policy.

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