Email - Add an Email Account that is a non-ISP account

You have purchased a domain and wish to use email with that domain.  You must request that the Site which is hosting your domain create an email account using the domain information.  Once the email account is created by the Hosting Site it is a matter of adding it to your email reader (Outlook Express, Outlook, etc).  
You will need the following information:

The incoming server name for the domain (Most use mail.DomainName.ext (.com, .org, .net, etc)

The outgoing server information for your ISP (Internet Service Provider - eg:,,,, etc) [Known ISP Server Settings]

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1. Launch Outlook Express, Left click: Tools, Accounts
2. Left click: Add, Mail
3. Type in the Display Name - Click next.
4. Type in the new Email Account - Click next. 
5. Type in the Server information.  The outgoing server will be the same as your ISP smtp (outgoing) server.  The incoming will be the account information your domain host gave you.  This will be a POP3 account.  Click next.
6. Type in the account information.  Account Name ( also referred to as: U/N [User Name] )  and P/W [Password].  Click next. 
7. Click Finish.

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