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What is a custom built computer?  

It is a computer built per your specifications.  

If it is a gamer's machine you want, a basic home computer you want, a computer for homework, a computer to grow with, etc,  a custom built computer is the way to go.

Products reviewed by the top hardware specialists in the world as they test the equipment's performance in a variety of environments.

It may not be as low in price as a name brand computer, yet you may be assured that it contains the best quality products on the market. 

Why?  A custom built computer is structured such that you can add components annually so you are always current with today's technology.  You do not need to invest thousands of dollars every 2 years only to purchase a computer that does not fully meet your needs.

Initially, this may take more of a financial investment (compared to purchasing a pre-built computer) - yet long term it will save you money and you will have what you truly want.

How often have you tried to add a component to your computer only to be told your computer is not compatible with the component?  Or you want to upgrade your operating system, yet to purchase the standard Operating System causes issues with your canned/pre-built computer? 

Many people upgrading their prefab computer (purchased only a couple of years ago) can not upgrade to the latest operating system as the prefab computer components are built-ins and will not work with current applications.

Prefab computers rely on the manufacturer for drivers (the program which helps the operating system communicate with the peripheral).  When the Manufacturer of the prefab computer decides to obsolete the computer - the drivers are no longer available. If your system crashes or you want to upgrade a single component - you are unable to accomplish this seemingly simple venture.


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