Consulting Services

System Analysis
At your invitation, we will visit your home and/or office, study your current configuration and capabilities, discuss your home and/or company needs and wants.  We will present you with a successful plan of action.

We offer computer networking information and guidance in conjunction with our site analysis as a means to increasing productivity through the sharing of files, hardware and Internet connections in both home and business environments. We can design, build and support a computer network to fit your office’s needs and assist you in organizing data.

Are you achieving the maximum efficiency and productivity from your computer system?

We look at three main components:  a) company requirements b) computer system efficiency and productivity in achieving the company requirements c) what it will take to meet these requirements.

  • New hardware or software
  • Improved utilization of existing hardware or software
  • Existing hardware or software upgrades
  • A more organized data storage system
  • Knowledge of current system's capability and potential
  • Employee training
  • Security review and upgrade
  • Legal copies or licenses of applications
  • Support and maintenance of your computer system
Additional consultant services:

Available for both home and office environments

  • On-site training
  • On-site repair
  • Scheduled Preventative maintenance plans
  • Network design, configuration and maintenance
  • Custom built computers
  • Workshops
Typical questions addressed:
  • how do I get the most out of my computers and network
  • how do I know the best hardware for: upgrading, our specific needs, longevity
  • what is the best software for most efficient use of our computers and time
  • what should we do to ensure our computer system is secure
  • how can we make extend the lifetime of our computer system
  • what are the best backup methods for our important documents and files
  • how do we easily access our important documents and files
  • what networking methods would work best for our computers
  • how can I tell that our hardware needs to be replaced
  • which Internet access provider would be best for our environment
  • what is the latest operating system
  • what is the latest software applications that would benefit our system
  • what is the latest hardware and do I really need to upgrade
  • how do we minimize computer viruses/trojans, spyware and cyber threats
  • how can we protect ourselves from Identity theft, cyber intrusion, predators and other scam artists

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