Computer Basics

1a) Shut Down Computer:  Start, Turn off computer, Turn off.   Most computers today, will automatically shut off after they have completed the shutdown process.  If yours does not, once it prompts you to shut it off manually then you can turn it off at the switch.
2a) Defragment the hard drive:  Turn off background programs as they will interfere with the defragmentation process.  If you can not disable the background programs - then perform the defragmentation process from " Safe Mode."

b) Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter

c) Choose the drive you wish to start with.  The length of time this takes depends upon the size of the harddrive and the size of the partitions.   8G will defrag faster than 40G which is faster than 80G.

d) Typically one might start the defragmentation at night, turn off the monitor, then turn in for the evening.  The defragmentation will be completed by morning - as a rule.
i) Safe Mode = Start up your computer, directly after the memory test - begin to click on the F8 key (typically located at the top of your keyboard).  Continue clicking F8 until you see a prompt for various was to start up the computer.  Choose Safe mode.  Once you are there - you will receive a warning.  Click on the OK.  The desktop will not look pretty as very few drivers are loaded at this point in time.
Modems:  Power down [turn off] your computer(s).  Power down your router [unplug it].  Power down your modem [unplug it].  Wait 30-60 seconds.  Follow this exact order.

Then, power up  your modem [plug it back in].  Wait until the lights are either flashing or steady (based upon your modem - some flash, some remain steady).  Then, power up the router [plug it back in].  Then power up the main computer and access the internet.   Power up the other computers one by one.  Follow this exact order.

Clean: Computers collect dust internally no matter how clean the environment surrounding the computer.  The Computer case internal compartment Computers should be vacuumed/dusted by a professional.  The frequency for the internal cleaning will vary according to the type of environment surrounding the computer.  A computer housed in a desert region dwelling which also houses furry animals will accumulate a buildup more rapidly than a dustless/sandless closed environment with no furry animals and thus will require internal cleaning more frequently.  The keyboard and mouse should be cleaned from time to time as well. 


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