Dolphmera Solutions is a family operated San Diego grown and raised company.  We consider ourselves quite fortunate in that our clientele base is symbolic of the wonderful community that is San Diego.  We have been involved in the high tech industry since the early 1980s and continue to enjoy the innovative and creative process we are still undergoing.  The owner, aka Dolphie, is a self-professed cave dwelling geek and proudly lays claim to years of geekdom, including eras when geekiness was not chic. 

As you peruse our site you will notice it is structured as a source of information more than a marketing tool.  Our company is a solutions focused company that strongly believes in customer support and education.

We believe that computers should be viewed as tools or a means of entertainment - not devices that increase one's level of frustration.  We also comprehend that people who are incredibly intelligent and successful in their own right - have not had time to become intimately familiar with the ever changing computer, network, internet environment. 

Dolphmera Solutions is active within our community. One of the areas we expanded our services into is that of Social Engineering.  This portion of our company was created to help keep our children and our family lives secure, private and safe.  We invested time researching, accumulating data, analyzing our data and then began educating families and the public in general. We taught on the pitfalls and the benefits of meeting strangers/people from other parts of our country or around the world - before the topic became a mainstream concern.  Ahead of our time, we veered off from the tactics of many within the field and instead cultivated strategies that brought the family unit closer rather than contradicting values taught from early on.   Strategies we cultivated and taught are now common knowledge in the field.

One last item, we are all educated and trained in the high tech industry.   We have years of experience, some which dates back to the days pre-desktop computers.  Our company enjoys working with our customers and we believe that sometimes the simplest answer can open previously locked doors. We have worked with large companies both as employees and as consultants. 

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you return soon.



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